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Since 1999, Gauthier Montpetit Bailiffs Inc. (GM Huissiers), has become a leader in the execution of a decision of the “Régie du logement” (eviction of tenant, service, seizure, report, etc.), as well as only in the execution of a Small Claims Judgment (judgment, letter, formal notice, etc.).

His clientele, always growing of lawyers and notaries, demonstrates the excellence of his work, his speed of execution, as well as his ability to fully understand the specific needs of each.

The GM Huissier team has extensive experience in the legal field and guarantees you a professional, competent and unique service.


Always forward for the latest technological innovations, we can say that we are leaders in technology in our field.

Our bailiffs, all equipped with a tablet in their vehicle, can provide you with a real-time report directly to your email. You can also access your reports and invoices online, up to a year back.

The electronic signature of our bailiffs is not only "printed" on the minutes, it must be validated by everyone with their secure code, before printing (as ask by the law).

You also have the option of pre-entering your pick-up requests directly into our computer system, which reduces the use of paper and increases the speed of execution.

Our telephone system gives you quick and easy access to the department you want.


Every day, our bailiffs and commissioners travel hundreds of kilometers on our roads. In 2015, the team of GM Huissiers decided to take a green turn and have as a goal that over a period of 10 years, our entire vehicle fleet is energy efficient. Today, more than half of the vehicles we use are 100% electric or hybrid.

Our computer system allows our bailiffs to complete their reports on their tablet. We offer to all our customers the possibility to receive and send their procedures electronically, as well as all their invoicing.

We also advocate and encourage electronic payments, energy saving, recycling, etc.

Being in business with GM Huissiers is also taking care of our planet!


No matter what type of client you are, you will always be entitled to the excellence of our services. Over the years we have understood, what we sell is service.

For this reason, at GM Huissiers, you are entitled to exemplary speed, quality and impeccable professionalism and a lot of customizable criteria (one-off picking service, variable billing cycle, access to your data in our system, designated responsible to the customer service, etc.).

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