Interrogation after judgment

When the judgment is pronounced, you are able to question the opposite party on his assets. We strongly recommend that you deal with specialists who conduct the interview in a professional and civilized manner, impartially.

The Article 688 of the Code of Civil Procedure indicate that when the judgment becomes enforceable, the creditor of the judgment or the bailiff may interrogate the debtor on his income, on the sums owed to him, on his obligations and debts, on all property owned or possessed by him since the commencement of the judgment debt and the property to which the judgment relates. During the interrogation, the debtor may also be obliged to return a document.

The creditor or bailiff may also interrogate any other person who is able to provide information on the debtor's assets or on the rights entered in the land register and in the register of personal and movable real rights. If the person does not consent to the questioning, we will need to obtain the court's authorization to proceed.


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