Instruction sheet to the bailiff for execution

This slip provides the instructions that must be sent to the bailiff, along with your judgment and relevant documents. 

Bordereau instructions

Send it by email to:

Instruction sheet on seizure before judgment ‚Äč

This slip provides instructions for the seizure of all the movable or immovable property of the defendant which is specially designated there. 

Télécharger Bord. instruct.
saisie avant jugement

Send it by email to:

Model of notice

Here is a model that you can use to formulate a notice.


Modèle de mise en demeure

Send it by email to:

Fee Agreement

This agreement must be completed and returned so that we can begin the processing of your file in execution. 

Convention d'honoraires

Send it by email to:

Screening form

Here are the main pieces of information required to screen or trace individuals

Formulaire de dépistage

Send it by email to :

Bailiffs' GM Service Request

This document is used to specify your requests in a file.

Demande de service

(Save it on your desktop!)


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