Since the reform of the Code of Civil Procedure in January 2016, the article 292 specifies that the bailiff's report is a form of testimony, evidence which is clearly admitted in Court. Certain applications of the Code of Civil Procedure provide that a judge may, in the course of proceedings, order the taking of a report by bailiff (267 and 540 C.p.c), it may also be done by written declaration (292 C.p.c).

The notice by judicial officer is a way to crystallize over time certain facts that will support your evidence in Court. It becomes the memory established by an officer of justice. The bailiff's report is used in different circumstances. For example: in a civil dispute or by an owner / tenant in a dispute before the “Régie du Logement”.

The Statement can take many forms: written, photographic, video, sound, etc. Depending on your needs, the bailiff will be present in time to make the ascertainment, and then write down a report, in triplicate, a copy of which is kept at our offices.

The cost of a report is very variable, depending on the location, the time, and the particularities requested.

To begin the process, we invite you to contact one of our Customer Service Team members for more information. You must send us your instructions and a deposit.


Web report

Are you a victim of harassment or discrimination on social networks? Does your company suffer from plagiarism on its website? Our team of bailiffs is empowered to make findings on the Web.

The statement by bailiff must not reflect an opinion; it can only witness what the bailiff sees or hears.

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