You are a mortgage creditor and want to take inventory for publication in the RDPRM as part of a security. We, bailiffs, will make this one in the form of a report. Even if your mortgage guarantee provides the universality of the property, it is more than safe to know the state of your guarantees, as well as their veracity.

You are a financial institution and want to have an inventory of your guarantees when you feel that your client is having difficulties. Inventory by bailiff is an excellent way to bring peace of mind.

You are a mortgage creditor and want to realize your guarantees by sale under judicial control; a bailiff will visit the scene and make an inventory accompanied by an assessment as required by the courts to set a price.

You are trustee in bankruptcy or escrow the bailiff can perform the inventory of properties in addition to providing you with an assessment of their value.

You are a liquidator of an estate and want to take inventory of properties as part of an estate. The bailiff will make this statement in order to protect the entire estate.

You must have the inventory of the family patrimony in the context of a divorce or separation. The bailiff is the right person to preserve all of your common property during the negotiations.

You are about to become a de facto spouse, the bailiff can draw up an inventory of the properties of both parties to preserve them in case of separation.

Why the bailiff? Because he is neutral in the litigation, is bound to professional secrecy, is a member of a professional order, he has professional insurance in case of fault.


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